Collection: August 2023

Many things inspire creativity, yet being a maker and creator comes from a passion that is ignited within my being. My newest collection is here and it is very much inspired by the other artists that I follow and listen to. I am excited to release this mini collection of work into the world for others to enjoy.

When I create I am allowing a fragment of my imagination to become a tangible, visual pictorialization for others to experience. I am a mother, the highest form of a creator given to us by God, in my opinion. Being a mother is my greatest joy, being a creative, is my deepest passion. As I expand and integrate other mediums into my work I like to experiment and see what happens, this summer I planned on working with additional mediums and expanded my practice to include molding paste and the use of glass seed beads. You will experience the use of additional mediums to my work in this collection.

My life experiences influence my artwork greatly. I recently went to the Era's tour and had a magical time. While at the concert I was inspired by all of the mothers and daughters, their shimmering matching outfits, all of the friendship bracelets that were made to trade and of course the show it self. Taylor was amazing. While preparing for the concert, I too made friendship bracelets. The actual making of the bracelets was so much fun in it self and that process inspired me to think of what else I could do with all of the beads I had remaining after making 100 bracelets. 

I embellished many of the paintings in this collection with beads by hand stitching onto the painted canvas. The beaded details help express the emotional tone of each piece of art. Additionally, the use of molding paste has allowed me to add texture and depth to my work in a way I had not achieved previously. The multimedia aspect of these art works have expanded my art practice and I look forward to continuing my artistic growth.

This collection is a representation of my growth this summer as a mother, a creator and artist. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

Be well & stay creative,