About the Artist

Hello & greetings fellow artists and patrons of the arts! Welcome to my about artist page, I appreciate you for being here. 
My name is Dominique Johnson, I am an artist based out of central California. I have been passionate about creating art since I was a small child. My desire to create continued to grow as I worked on my art techniques and perspective throughout high school, then began college as an art student; I studied fine art and art history extensively in the beginning of my college journey. I ended up receiving my degrees in Business Administration and Business Marketing.

In June of 2022, I began focusing my energy & following my passion by focusing on my artwork & creating daily. After a year of painting and creating digital art, I decided to emerge into my local art scene.

In June of 2023, I will be in an Emerging Artist Competition and Show. This is the first show my work will participate in.  I am thrilled at the opportunity to showcase my work in my community.

I have been creating content around my art process for my social media accounts. I do this  for art enthusiasts, fans and fellow artists to get to know me & my art from a personal perspective.

I enjoy working with acrylic paint and canvas, although I do dabble with other mediums. I have a  an eye for design, a love for maximalism, I enjoy creating abstract art, I have a love of fashion and Taylor Swift.

I am also a wife and mother. Which can be found as inspiration for some of my pieces. While most of my art is inspired by my love for the cosmos, my dreams and vivid imagination.

With my experience, education, and passion for art I hope to continue creating and sharing my art  for many years to come. Whether you purchase a print or original painting, or perhaps view my work in person or on social media, please know that I whole heartedly appreciate you for supporting my dream.  
🩷 Dominique Johnson