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Art by Dom Johnson

"Pulling from within" original painting by Dom Johnson

"Pulling from within" original painting by Dom Johnson

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As a mother myself, I was inspired by motherhood and a new anthem for mother's, a song titled Madre Creator, by a very talented artist and mother named Heidi Rojas. This piece depicts my perspective of the women that came before me. I do not know them but without them and their strength I would not exist. I may not have known the women that came before me or what their passions and talents were, yet I know that they still live and thrive within me. My desire to make art is an inherited trait, my passion to pursue and grow is so internal that it is part of my composition. Therefore I know I am an artist because they too were artists in their own capacity. 

This piece is 48 inches long by 36 inches wide by 1.5 inches deep. It is one of my largest pieces to date. It was created with acrylic paint and molding paste. The texture and depth of this piece is not conveyed well in photos. The vibrant hues accentuate the character of the texture.

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